Special Programming: June 11 & June 12, 2023

Jun 5, 2023

In Celebration of ART on THE MART's 5th Anniversary and NeoCon at THE MART

We're interrupting our regular schedule on Sunday June 11 and Monday June 12 to bring audiences a special program that features a few favorites from the past five years in celebration of our 5th anniversary and all the activity at THE MART, including NeoCon (from June 12-14) and the completion of Gensler's transformation of the iconic architectural landmark. 

Join us at 9pm CT for two nights only to experience: 

Our summer schedule will resume as usual on Tuesday June 13 at 9pm CT with Derrick Adams' Funtime Unicorn: Ruby Rides Through Four Seasons until July 5 and Gensler's Building Light until September 13. Learn about how to visit!